OUR Story


When we tell people about our family’s decision to move to South Florida to start a church, the reaction is always pretty similar.“ Oh wow, moving to paradise!" or "Wow must be nice!" and I know what they are saying. The images of beautiful beaches, palm trees, and twelve months of sunshine are what come to mind for most people. For us, however, almost a decade after leaving South Florida, that’s not exactly what we see.

With all of the beauty and excitement of that life, my wife Kim and I also know first-hand what it is like to live outside of God’s best in those same communities. We know first-hand what it means to be swept up in a lifestyle of shiny things, selfish ambition, and secret sins.

Looking back, we can honestly say that it was in South Florida that we were the worst versions of ourselves. Now don’t get me wrong- we knew exactly how to play a different version of ourselves to the world. On the outside we looked like we had it all together, but we knew something was wrong and eventually pretending just got exhausting.

While we didn’t always get it right, it was also in South Florida where we made the decision to stop acting like Christians and decided to actually be Christians. We took off the masks, stopped pretending like we had it all together, and let God start doing things in our lives that only He could do. Since then we have gone places we never thought we would go and we have seen things we never thought that we would see.

Now almost ten years later we have a marriage that is on fire, four amazing children, and a love for God and His church that is bigger than it has ever been. In the last decade we have started a church in Kentucky and we’ve trained hundreds and hundreds of pastors to start churches all over the country and the world.

When we started praying about our next season, the decision to go back to where our family started only took about 15 minutes. We knew it was time to go back to where God gave us a fresh start so we could help as many people as we can experience the same thing.

We love the beach, the palm trees, and twelve months of sunshine, but that’s not what gets us so excited about this next season. We are going to West Palm Beach to launch a brand new church in January of 2018 because we know what it’s like to be lost in South Florida and we know what it’s like to be found. Found is better.