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NewSound Church was built on core values such as Relentless Grace, Real Love, and Big Laughs to name a few. If you know the Mauney family, you know that this is not just how they see church, but how they view family. Josh and Kim have four children, Jacob, Lillian, Annabelle, and Vivienne and they are working every day to raise a family centered on the ideas of Relentless Grace, Hard Work, Bold Dreams, Real Love, Big Laughs and Radical Generosity. Dinner at their house is loud and full of laughter. To know Josh is to understand Bold Dreams. Watching Kim serve her family you get a picture of Real Love, and in all the ups and downs they are centered on Relentless Grace.

Pastor Josh and Kim Mauney have served God all over the United States and most recently come from Birmingham, Alabama where Josh served as the Director of Church Planting for the Association of Related Churches (ARC). ARC is one of the largest and most successful church planting movements in the United States. Prior to that the Mauneys lived in Lexington, Kentucky where they founded TurningPoint Church, a non-denominational church that saw over 2,000 people give their lives to God in just the first couple of years.

Planting a church in South Florida began as a dream in 2016 as they began to pray and seek counsel about what was next for them as a family. Josh and Kim originally met and married in Miami before pursuing ministry together all over the US. In early 2017 it became clear to both Josh and Kim that the time had come to return to the place where their family started with the hopes of helping thousands of other families learn the things they have learned over the years. Josh and Kim are trying to raise a family that believe that God’s love changes everything and they would be honored to join your family in the journey.